Worshipping God Together

Gathering as a church family for worship each Sunday is our foundational approach for inviting people to connect with God and one another as we pursue God’s glory, make disciples of Jesus who love God and love people, and enjoy redemptive and supportive relationships.

Praying God's Word - for Treasuring and Trusting God above All

Sharing our minds and hearts with God in humility and with boldness in prayer is a high priority at North Park. In line with the directions and examples provided in God's Word, we want to bring to Him our expressions of praise, trust, confession, confiding, and asking for help for others and ourselves.

Preaching God's Word - for Supernatural Nourishment

Reading, hearing, understanding, and responding to God's Word is central to our worship service. The type of preaching North Park embraces is called expository preaching. This means that the preached text of Scripture is explained, the central purpose of the text is emphasized, and the truth of the text is applied to everyday life.

Singing God's Word - for Musical Worship with the Mind, Heart, and Soul

Our musical worship focuses on singing praises to God based on the truths of His Word. Our singing and musical accompaniment are intended to encourage our faith, maturity, and joy in Christ as we bring worship to our Lord.

Remembering God's Word - for Baptism and The Lord's Supper

North Park celebrates believer's baptism and the Lord's Supper. These important ways of remembering and obeying God help us to proclaim our faith in Christ and remind us to treasure and trust Him above all.  

Living God's Word - for Loving Fellowship

When we gather on Sunday mornings and at other times, we want to live out God's Word as we love and serve one another well. Being devoted and supportive within the church family is key to experiencing Christian community God's way.