What is Preaching? 

North Park’s Commitment to Biblical, Expository Preaching

First, we believe the Bible is God's Word - inspired, true, authoritative, living, active, and transformational. God has ordained His Word as the instrument of special revelation - to explain who He is, how He works in the world, how salvation in Jesus Christ can be understood and received by grace through faith, and how to live a life pleasing and rewarding in God’s sight.

Second, we believe we are to honor God’s Word, in all areas of church life and personal life, by treasuring it, studying it, learning from it, being changed by it, and obeying it so that we can know, love, and live for God.

Third, we believe that biblical preaching (when a pastor communicates God’s Word to the congregation in order to help listeners understand, trust, and apply God’s truth) is essential to the health and growth of the New Testament local church.

The type of preaching North Park embraces is called expository preaching. This means that the preached text of Scripture is explained, the central purpose of the text is emphasized, and the truth of the text is applied to everyday life.

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