Pursuing Jesus and One Another

Biblical discipleship involves growing and serving as a faithful and obedient follower of Jesus and then helping others do the same. In other words, we are called to be disciples who make disciples. See below for tangible ways to be supported in your growth and service as a Christ-follower at North Park.

Home Groups

Home Groups at North Park are key to developing disciples of Jesus.
Are you wanting to grow in your relationship with Christ and develop deeper relationships with fellow believers? Do you want to pursue discipleship in the context of Christian community in a more intentional way?

Our Home Groups are designed to provide this opportunity. Groups meet in a host home twice per month for prayer, Bible study, encouraging one another, and sharing food, fun, and life together.

Discipleship Courses

Discipleship Courses at North Park are key to developing disciples of Jesus.
Our goal is provide a deliberate pathway for progressing in discipleship:
• placing a high value on biblical and theological education,
• providing time and space for relationship formation, and
• using the DNA model.

     D. Discover the Word and respond to God.

     N. Nurture relationships and support one another.

     A. Encourage Accountability and spiritual growth.

We are committed to teaching and supporting disciples of Jesus to grow in these ways:
• understanding and trusting Jesus as the focus of the Bible’s grand story is most important,
• understanding the Bible and its origin, organization, literary characteristics, themes, and major characters, and
• understanding and using theology: systematic, biblical, historical, and practical (spiritual disciplines).

When do these groups meet?

9 am - This Sunday!

We have two discipleship groups meeting at 9 am each Sunday. These ministry offerings are a reflection of our commitment to develop disciples of Jesus.


For Children at 9 am in the Education Center
We have two offerings for children.

Nursery is provided for children age 5 and under.
Bible class is provided for kids in kindergarten through 6th grade. This Fall, our teachers will be leading our older kids (K-6th) through The Gospel Project, which is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study. The aim is to help our kids dive deep into the big story of the Bible - God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Adult Bible Fellowship is led by Greg Crawford and meets in Edu Ctr room 113 at 9 am. The main focus is on developing disciples through studying books of the Bible. This group is open to both teens and adults.

Senior Saints is led by Larry Porter and meets in the Worship Center at 9:30 am. The main focus in on developing disciples through studying books of the Bible.

Family Ministry

Family Ministry at North Park is key to developing disciples of Jesus.
We are committed to being a family-equipping church that teaches and supports disciples of Jesus in all stages of life, as individuals and as families. We want to minister to:
• individuals for godly and healthy living,
• married couples for godly and healthy living together,
• parents for discipling and raising their children,
• children and teens in their relationship with Jesus, family, and others, and
• people through various stages, opportunities, and struggles of life.


Hospitality at North Park is key to developing disciples of Jesus.
We are committed to being a church that embraces biblical hospitality. This is both a mindset and a habit of relational life that provides the time and place for :
• welcoming people into your life,
• building friendships over time,
• experiencing mutual discipleship, and 
• engaging in relational evangelism.