Purpose, Mission & Strategy

The Great Purpose of North Park is to pursue the glory of God. This means that what we want most is for God to be worshipped and enjoyed through Jesus above all Creation and above all competing desires, relationships, accomplishments, and possessions.

The Mission of North Park is to make disciples of Jesus who love God and love people. This means the main way we pursue God’s glory is by encouraging one another to treasure and follow the one true God through faith and obedience to Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. The three main goals of disciples at North Park are to Worship, Grow + Serve, and to live on Mission for Jesus.

The Strategy of North Park is relational discipleship. This means the main way we pursue discipleship is by speaking biblical truth and living like Jesus in the context of caring relationships to help people pursue God in Jesus. An outworking of this strategy is our co-championing God’s special and connected roles for the church and the family in proclaiming and advancing His Kingdom.

Core Biblical Values

The Core Biblical Values of a New Testament Christian Church provide a solid foundation for North Park’s identity and approach to ministry.

Worshiping Jesus Christ as our greatest treasure and submitting to His loving authority and leadership in every area of life;

Honoring God's Word by treasuring it, studying it, learning from it, being changed by it, and obeying it so that we can know, love, and live for Christ who is worthy of all honor and glory;

Praying to God by sharing our hearts with Him - praising Him, trusting Him, confessing to Him, confiding in Him, responding to His speaking to us through His Word, asking for His help, and interceding on the behalf of others;

Growing as Disciples and helping others likewise grow in love, maturity, and service as fully committed and fully developed Christ-followers;

Growing with One Another through loving, authentic, and supportive relationships that both show and encourage our maturing relationship with God;

Building Up Christ's Church through equipping and encouraging one another for ministry in the family, in the church, in our community, and around the world;

Wisely Stewarding our God-given opportunities and resources in support of God’s work at North Park and beyond;

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others through words and actions both locally and globally.


The application of relational discipleship at North Park is in our DNA. Here is a short-hand way of remembering how North Park applies relational discipleship in every area of church life. Like biological DNA is in each cell and organ of the human body, we want this DNA model to be in every person and every ministry of our church body.

D.  Discover the Word and respond to God.

N.  Nurture relationships and support one another.

A.  Encourage Accountability and spiritual growth.