Discipleship classes at North Park are key factor to developing disciples of Jesus.

Our goal is to provide a deliberate pathway for progressing in discipleship by placing a high value on biblical and theological education, providing time and space for relationship formation, and using the DNA model.     

D. Discover the Word and respond to God.       

N. Nurture relationships and support one another.       

A. Encourage Accountability and spiritual growth.  

We are committed to teaching and supporting disciples of Jesus to grow in these ways:

• Understanding and trusting Jesus as the focus of the Bible’s grand story is most important.

• Understanding the Bible and its origin, organization, literary characteristics, themes, and major characters.

• Understanding and using theology: systematic, biblical, historical, and practical (spiritual disciplines). 

Our discipleship classes meet at 9am on Sunday morning.

Our Senior Saints class meets at 9:30am on Sunday morning.